Thursday, February 11, 2016


I went to church last night to the Family History Center and the computers there are locked with a password and no public patron can use the computers. This creates problems because we rely on the public's usage to stay open. Not that we charge, but if no one uses us, then we can lose our funding. I am so frustrated because for weeks I have been having technical issues with the computers and this does not help.

I wanted to do some work last night, but I was so wrapped up in the computers, I did not get to. I am writing today before I do my genealogy because I want to write my mom and dad's story of how they met. I think it is crazy and sweet.

My mon was out with her friends at the movies and was sitting with her girlfriends. My mom thought my dad was cute and said so to her friend. Her friend, Shirley told my dad what my mom said. Then my dad moved up to sit beside her. He was with friends as well. He left them where they were and moved up beside my mom.

After the movie, they parted ways. Mom went home with her friends and did not think about dad much. Daddy was already in love with mom so he showed up at her house. She wanted to go out with her friends but she couldn't. My grandmother was holding her because my dad was there. He actually hid his truck so she would not see it and surprised her. They talked for hours and that is that.

This union created five children, 13 grandchildren, 22 great grandkids and who knows how many more? It is such a wonderful thing to see our posterity growing.  Thanks, Mom and Dad. I love you.

It is not the greatest love story but it has withstood time. This year on April 26th they will be married for 60 years. I am in awe of that and am so very grateful for the example that they are.

Thia is my mother's aunt on her mothers side.