Thursday, December 17, 2015


I apologize for not posting this with my story....this is my grandfather on my father's side. He was a card and taped his voice for all of us to hear. He recorded his stories for us and his posterity. It is one of the best gifts that a genealogist can get. That and pictures. Keeping records of your exploits for your posterity can be fun and exciting. Remembering these times through pen or recording device, either way it is a great boon to family and genealogists alike.

Keeping a journal is very important to your posterity. Knowing what was going on and what was happening in the day to day lives of family members brings them to life for us. It is so fun to imagine the times and the antics that were happening. Like with my grandfather. He was about 15 years old and he had a bunch of boys that he hung out with,

Well, they lived in Florida and played in the swamps. The ponds that set up in swamps can be a great place for boys to hang out. My grandfather thought it was a great pace on a hot day. He went running through the water full speed, making sure there was not anything in the water. Why did he do it and not someone else you ask? Well, he was the oldest of the boys and he felt responsible for them.

SO, he barrels through the water wide open and trips over a log. He gets up and goes again. This time he runs the other way. He does not find any logs. So he goes back to the log he tripped over and straddles it. He bends over and starts pulling the log up so he can move it, so the boys can play. All of a sudden my grandfather heard the boys screaming and shouting.

Now the boys were watching and saw that what granddaddy was picking up was not a log but an alligator. So they started hollering ALLIGATOR and granddaddy drooped the log and said where? He did not see one so he picked up the log again only to realize, it was the alligator! He ran like he was on fire out of that water. Proof positive that God watches over fools and children.

This might only be stories, but I can see him and it helps me to remember who he was. It brings him back to life, but these stories also bring other people back to life for a moment in time. That is what it is all about. Bringing the dead to life through memories.