Friday, December 25, 2015

Memories and Rememberence

I hope you all remember to ask your families to give you one of the best gifts ever, their life stories. They are so priceless to those if us that put together genealogical family stories. These stories can be voices from the past, which will give to the future. It is the best way I know to bring to life those that have passed away.

Asking for those stories, at first, may be somewhat difficult, but the stories that will be remembered, when the brain gets jogged, will be amazing. Make sure that you record them if you can, and then you will be able to connect after they are gone.

This time of year brings to memory those that have passed on. As the stories are told and the memories are shared, the missing persons will not be missing. The past can become alive again for a moment in time.

It is beautiful, but it is also painful. The great thing about that is that the pain goes away, and the joy returns as we remember. This is the best we can do and the best we should do. Do this for your posterity so they will have your voice long after they have given you back.

It is hard to let go of our loved ones, but as we remember the pain lessens, and the stories flow. Mark them, they are like time in a bottle. Captured for all eternity.

Enjoy this holiday season and remember the family that is there but gone, for they deserve that just as much as you do.