Saturday, December 12, 2015

Family Memories

When you are looking for your family line on, you can really find yourself in an awful mess or a great treasure find. The problem is, maybe that person did not do the proper research and added family because others had them on their family tree. This is how you can make a mistake in your line, or you can add to your line and find a name that will help you find your line, not theirs. Make sure the family line is yours.

Now, I told you that I was going to tell  you a story about my grandfather. He was born In 1910 in the sand hills of Alabama. When he was born, doctors cost a lot of money. so his father had to find the midwife that would deliver my grandfather. My great-grandparents were not mush for money, but had many chickens. My grandfather's birth cost them 10 chickens. My grandfather always thought that it really cost a lot for him to be born. Chickens lay everyday and 10 chickens meant 10 eggs a day for as many years  as the chickens would lay. That was either for a very big family, or a midwife was making money from her eggs . Either way, that was money in barter form.

A few years later, my grandfather went with my great-grandmother and great-grandfather on a train to Texas. This train ride too them to fellow family members that were already in Texas. They stayed with them for about six months and then they moved to Arizona. The land was given to families to homestead. It was 250 acres in the middle of nowhere with no one to help. My great-grandfather worked for the railroad so the trip was free for them. They settled near a place that he remembers as Shoemaker, Arizona.

Now this was done with three young children and with a baby born in Texas. That is no means the end of the story, but you must come back to read the rest of the story and to find out if I fix that pesky family line, and how I did it. Thanks. Also, remind me to tell you how I know these things...he did not TELL me until he died...