Friday, March 25, 2016

Another's Work

I have recently come into genealogy work done by someone else, and the pages are not correctly set up. There are names of grandchildren, not even of the same line, in with names of family that have been deceased for a hundred years or more. This is crazy, but now it has to be straightened out.

I really appreciate all the work that has been done in the family lines on my husband's side of the family by my father-in-law. Problem is, he just placed paperwork together, not necessarily of the same family. It is all family group records, so I can find the family names, I have some extremely great information.

I know sometimes we want to forego someone else's work because we know how much of a mess it can be, but do not do this. Appreciate the work that they have done and try to straighten it out. This work is still done and important. It may be a mess, it may be muddled, but it is still genealogy work and still necessary.

It is time-consuming, but so is regular genealogy work. It is still the names and dates and necessary information of family lines, but just not in order. Imagine the work that will be done once I get the 4-inch book in order. There will be so many new family names to investigate and learn.

All I can do is hope that the information is correct, but I do know he was an avid genealogist, so I am sure he has done the research. If not, at least, I have the names and dates to help out.