Saturday, March 12, 2016

Generic Names

I have a family line that I cannot find the true family line for. The name is John Allen. This name brings up names from all over the country. I know where he lived, or so I thought until I found a source stating that he was born in a completely different state and had a completely different wife, but all other information is the same.

Children are the same and the birth dates are right, but the source could be wrong, right? Right. It is unfortunate that the census records are not always the end all source of information. It is only as good as the person arbitrating and the person that originally took the information down. We are all fallible, I just hate that idea of not knowing, though. This gets e wanting to do my DNA.

If I did this, I would be able to find out who I am and where I actually came from. I would know without a doubt if I came from Charles Kilgore Family Line or Thomas Kilgore Family Line. I would know what Matheny Family I still had left, if any. I would be able to find out all of this and more, and only for around a hundred bucks.

I always thought I would not do this, but after doing research for a school project, I think I might. I would love to know if I have family out there beyond the one's I know. I understand they do not give me living family names, but I would still be able to find out if I had any once I knew what lines were mine.

I think about this more and more and the more I research these generic names, the more I want to do it,