Thursday, March 3, 2016


We often speak of our ancestors because they are why we do what we do. We do not often talk about our posterity, our descendants, those that fill our lives and our shoes. I am brought to mind about them because my granddaughter's birthday is tomorrow. I remember it like it was yesterday, racing down to Orangeburg to be there at my daughter's side while she had her baby.

It is for this reason that we keep records and the reason we journal, or keep a diary. We want them to know about us, who we are, what we like, and how we felt. I am a blogger, but I am not a journaler. I leave my footprint in a different way, by blogging about what is happening in my head, my life and my passion.

When I try to write, my hand starts cramping, and I cannot write. Then I cannot type or anything. So I forget the journal, and I remember the blog. It is important that we leave records for our family so they can remember us and help their children to learn about us.  I just hope there is a way to access my blog in the future. :}

I do not take pictures very well, so I shy away from the camera. They are another way our posterity can help remember us, but you must take the photograph. It is beautiful when I find pictures of ancestor's I have never seen or barely remember. Older pictures are rare, but rare does not mean not there.  It just means that it makes the pictures priceless.