Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Archives and Indexing

It is so important that we remember to index anytime we get a chance. If volunteers will not do this, then the price of these records will become monstrous. They will no longer be free to those of us who do genealogy on a shoestring budget. The records will become part of the paid only parts of the websites.

I am so grateful for websites such as that offer so many archived records for free. It is so nice to use that word in relation to genealogy and family history. FREE. Not much is free in this passion of mine, as you well know. If a person could go and look themselves, then the records are there.

This is why it is so important, I mean really, how many of us can afford to go and look at the records firsthand? I know many of you are wondering how do you possibly get involved in doing indexing anyway? Well, I had that same question. I had to find out for myself. There is only one way that I know of.

I know people who do this and I do it myself. Indexing is the opposite, because you do not trace your line, but the friend of genealogy. Indexing only happens through volunteers that download software from The website offers truly free family history records and ways to build family trees. They offer the only downloadable indexing programs that I know of.

I truly appreciate the idea behind this project and I celebrate those that do indexing on a regular basis.  I try but do not get to regularly index the records. I have to say that it is very interesting to read the older obituaries, though. I recommend to all genealogists that they become indexers. It will help others and will help you decipher census records better too. Perk!