Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Still Searching

It is unbelievable how bad the lines are messed up for my family that is so generic. There are many people on Ancestry.com that have him in their tree, but the problem is, there are at least three JA born around the same time and lived in the same area. They were family, but until I am sure where my J comes in, I cannot add him, because I am not sure which one I would be adding.

One married a Sarah, one married a Susan, and I am not sure about the third, but these two names have been intertwined so much that they seem to be the same person until you do research. Research is one of the biggest things we can do when it comes to things like this. I am now going to have to look in unusual places.

I am not sure how I ma going to fix the mess that is JA. His line is either intertwined like I said, or the names Sarah and Susan were interchanged, and the last name changed from one to another. It has become my nemesis and my nightmare. The family came from AL and moved to GA and SC.

Problem is, the name was used in each family line that is A. JA was a popular name and they did not always use middle names. Mine did not seem to, but then I find records that have his name as JCA. That is not what I know him to be, so I am still stuck.

I will still work on it and let you know the progress and how I find the truth.