Monday, March 28, 2016


I have the craziest problem. The family line I am searching has a brother's family line that is eerily similar. There are two John Allen's, both living in Alabama at one time, with some of their children names the same. With very close birthdates. I am slowly unraveling the line, but I have to peel information from other's trees, yet make sure that the person is the correct one. It is not easy doing this, as I said, birthdates are nearly the same.

I have found that I am bordering on OCD trying to find the correct family trees for information, I have found that people have amended the census with the opposing wife's name on the wrong census. It is frustrating, to say the least.

I wish people that were doing their genealog would be a little more OCD when it comes to these records. Having placed the wrong names in family lines before, I know how hard it is to fix the problem. If a little moe time was taken, maybe the records would not be so convoluted. 

Once again, I want to do my DNA so I can find my family line, but the problem with that is that not enough people have done DNA sampling to straighten out all of my family lines. I am sure that my family have not all rushed out to do this, and the information is not just sitting there waiting on me to link with it.

My information will have to come from good old work. Again, this is the best way to go, but, if I find out that there is a database on my family, I am there.