Thursday, March 10, 2016

HMMM Pedigrees

Yes...pedigree like the dog. LOL We are looking for our pedigree line and that is what the charts are all about. We need them to keep our famil;y lines in order. Without them, we can become lost in the lines. They can be confusing when we have charts and forget who a person belongs to. The chart can keep you focused.
When you start filling an eighteen generation chart, you will feel the love that it has taken and the time that has been spent doing this. Having one of those beauties on the wall all filled in is a dream of mine. I would love to have one for each of my family members.

I know they are not doing the work, but I love sharing the work and the fun. It is so amazing to me when I link the names and I can fill in a place that was empty. I have used the Pedigree Charts for many years and I try to have one for each family member so I can give them away. I also have a Family Group Record for each member of a family line.

The Family Group Record is a way to keep up with a family line and not add it to the generational chart. You can start with these records and build up to the generational chart. Having a record gives you a reference point for each family member. You will know children, spouses and maiden names at a glance and I appreciate that. It makes for an easier way to find the information that you have and add the information you find.

Now that we are filling in our information, we can go back to discussing how to find and how to research your family lines.