Friday, January 29, 2016

Census Records and Memories

At church I am over the Family History Center. I am the director so that means that all things lead to me. I am the tech person and I do not know enough. I do know a few things, and was able to find out that we have an issue between the modem and the computers that are in the Family History Center.

Now, this center is open to all persons, and without the Internet Service, we have no center to offer the public. I now have a problem because my center is closed. It is because of this technical issue, that AT&T wants to charge to fix, I have not been able to open my center for weeks. Now I need a tech person to fix it. Wish me luck and say a prayer.

Now, I have just learned that there were state census records from 1890 that survived. This is a great boon to those individuals that happen to be in that area. The link to the website, Census Bureau Records, which gives the list of the areas that these records are from is here, 1890 List.

It is so awful to know that there is a twenty year gap of family records when it is so hard to follow a line to that point to begin with. Following the lines, eventually one gets to the 1890 census, and then one wants to cry. They are not the truest written records, but they are so important when it comes to following a family as they moved across country.

My grandfather was born in Alabama, but when he was young, him and his parents moved across country and the census shows that. It is so good to see the proof and the links that the census provides. It gives me a better knowledge of my grandfather and his early years, and the stories that he told. He remembers the whole move and told many stories about those ten years.

He was born in a census year so he was easier to follow than some of my family. He told the stories of riding on a train to the many areas that they lived in those years. It is so good that he gave us those records of him.

It reminds me that we need to be vigilant in our journaling so our posterity can know who we were and how we lived, not just our birth and death. Family History is so much more that just genealogy. It is the stories that bind, they are necessary for a true link to each generation. The records that we keep are what helps our posterity keep the tree going.