Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Searching Cemetaries

I have been to cemeteries and have been floored to find no way of knowing how to find the name or names I am looking for because there is no onsight office Well, now I know how to find those names if it happens again, I go to the clerk's office and they can help me find the information on any cemetery and plot that has been plotted. How about that. Now, if there is no office, or no caretaker onsight, then there is another option. No longer do you have to worry, but I still suggest you pray. After all, most families want to be found.

Of course, not many people can enter a cemetery without saying a quick prayer anyway. They feel that chill that runs up the back when there are spirits. Not everyone sees them, not everyone recognizes them, but almost everyone knows they are going to be there if anywhere. I know I have been to the cemetery and have a fully charged camera, and phone, only to find that both have been drained, or that the photo turned out all black, nothing. Like the piece on the chip had been exposed or a finger may have covered the lens. I know this to not be true, but the evidence says differently.

I love walking in a cemetery just the same, and I think they are so peaceful. I always feel pulled or pushed in directions that I can never quite understand, but they are still so quiet and restful. I love the idea of someone reaching out to me and asking me to help them in some small way. I guess that is why we pray when we enter. We want to guarantee the spirits that communicate are one's that do not harm us.

Many will read this and think that I have lost my mind, but others will know just what I mean. Either way, I know how to find records of cemeteries that do not have offices or caretakers.