Thursday, January 21, 2016

Lost Time

The time spent searching for our ancestors is not lost time. This can be the best time spent on anything. It can help with health issues by allowing you to know what your ancestors died from. It can also tie you to a family that you did not think you had.
Genealogists every where know what it feels like to find a name that was not there, but now, you have new family. This feeling never gets old.
Recently my father-in-law passed, and I have been looking at a new family that is mine by marriage. This makes me think about the families that do not have loved ones searching for them.
Families are ties that bind, in a good way. I cannot imagine what it is like to not want to know your ancestors
They are the only reason we are here, after all. They hold all of the answers, as we are the sum of them.
Think about this.