Thursday, January 28, 2016


I have recently found a way that I think may help me organize my files, or at least it will if I stick to it. It is a folder system inside of a folder.

I know right. It is ingenious. The hanging folder, or larger folder, holds the smaller folders. The main folder has the maiden name of the family line, say like mine would say Kilgore, then there would be subfolders that had my sisters married names as well as mine, and my brothers as Kilgore's. The folders would hold any information that I found on them, or pictures that they have.

You can do this on your computer and do this physically. Hard copy of any record is a must, and having the same type of filing system that you have on your computer may help.

I am not sure if this will change the way I tackle my organization in family history, or am I dreaming about that, but either way, it is a great idea. Color coding names would help too, like the folders for one family line are marked in blue, the next green, the next purple, and so on. This would help you find the family at a glance.

This all sounds great, and maybe I can do this too. After all, I talk about it, I should be able to do it. Problem is, I can tell you better than I can show you. I can see what others are doing wrong, but I cannot change the same issue in my own life. Just like this organization thing. I can tell you how to do it, I can do it for you, once I tell you about it, but as far as doing it for myself, that is another story altogether. It has always been that way with me.

I used to love to help others get their bedrooms cleaned up, but as far as cleaning my own, I hated doing it. My dad has been a Quality Control Expert for at least 50 years and I have learned that from him. Checking behind others, and telling them what is wrong is in my blood. After all, I am only 48. HaHa.