Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Family Thoughts

Lately I have been ranting on FamilySearch, but I guess I should not do that. They offer a free service to anybody that wishes to use it, and that is special all in itself. I am frustrated with the lines that are not right, and I am working with another person to straighten out this line of my family on my dad's side.

I really wish that my ancestors knew that I was going to trace them. Maybe they would have left me better records to go by. I would love to have some of the genealogy that others have and join it to mine, but in FamilySearch, I need to be exact because it is not just my tree I affect. Knowing you are going to change someone's world makes you pause for a moment. Getting it right is more important than ever.

I know I would not mind it if others were in my family circle, but they have a family and they need to be with them, not in the wrong family. After all, we are talking about eternity and who we will spend it with. I love my family so much that I want to be with them through all eternity. I realize this is a long time, bit I was given the best family and I do not want to lose them.If I need to, I can always take a break from them.

It has been a long trip and it will be longer, but at least I will have my wonderful family to take it with.