Monday, January 25, 2016


I am angry today. I have a family tree on FamilySearch and I am not happy with it or the way it can be changed by others. I had a family line that was a brother rather than a father. I straitened it out, only to have others go crazy.
Now this is my tree, so I should be able to change whatever I want, but nope, others are now upset that I took the name off of the line. My tree, my line, my work. This is the way I feel, but the others that are tied into my tree are going crazy. I am sorry that the other people are affected, but I am still of the mind that bit is my tree.
This is why I like Ancestry
and the trees that are on there. You can add to or take from your tree,  and no one has to worry about their private tree. This is so much easier and so much more  of an intelligent design. I have a tree on both sites and I am definitely happier with Ancestry's website design. I do like the memory section and the like on FamilySearch, but the tree interaction design takes the fun out of having the tree.
I must go back into FamilySearch and add to the tree so other people do not have to feel like their tree is in a disarray. I do not like the idea of messing in another's family tree and it is quite worrisome. I hope I can get the line straightened out soon. I know the others that my changes affected will be happy for me to get it straightened out. I imagine that they feel like their lives have been disrupted. I know I do every time some one changes the line. I better hurry huh?