Saturday, January 30, 2016


Old photographs have often fascinated me, and I have the fortunate blessing of having a photo album full of photos that came from someone, but not the family that is pictured in the photos. No one seems to know anything about the family, and I have looked on Ancestry to share these with their family.

I recently read a blog 4 Tips to Identify Unknown Family Photographs by Lisa Lisson and she gave me  great idea for helping to get these photos identified. I am going to upload them to a Pintrest and start a page that has unknown photographs. These photos can  be sent around and maybe, just maybe, we can find the family that belong to them.

This is a great idea and I am so grateful that someone has given me a new way to share them. I do well when someone gives me an idea, but I need the idea, and then I can build.on it. I am like that company, I do not build it, I just make it better. :}

I have old photos that I have found on Ancestry that I did not know were out there and thanks to them I was able to add them to my family tree online. I love the ease of adding sources to my family line when I do searches, I just have to be absolutely sure before I do it, but most of the time I can tell the family resemblance.

Many of my family members do not even care about genealogy, family history, or anything that has to do with it, except the end result. They love the idea of having a family tree for their line, but they do not care about the work that goes into creating one of these personal mementos. As the line grows, I tend to want to say you can have it, but you keep it up. That just will not do though. I must keep the line going as long as I can. I feel the pull of my family, and I can not say no to them.